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What is the application of polyethylene products in the agricultural industry?

پلی اتیلن در کشاورزی

Various industries are suitable for the use of products made of polymeric materials. Polyethylene is used in the production and manufacture of small and large parts of various industries. Agriculture is one of the industries that has a high diversity in the production of polyethylene products. Polyethylene materials have overshadowed a large part of the tools of the agricultural industry due to their numerous advantages. Join us in the rest of this article for more details on the use of polyethylene materials in the agricultural industry.

Introduction of agricultural industry

The process of cultivation, breeding to growth of plants to produce food, animal fodder, various fibers and other products needed by humans is called agriculture. Agriculture is one of the key and high-yield industries that has long met most of the needs for food, clothing, etc. In addition to different farming methods, various tools are also essential for the plant cultivation process in the agricultural industry.

The quality of the tools and their optimal lifespan, in addition to reducing the costs of the farmer or gardener, also affect the quality of the agricultural process. Products made of polyethylene have received good feedback from buyers due to their affordable price and functionality, and farmers are no exception to this rule.

Plant breeding, especially in low-water areas such as our country, Iran, has its own difficulties, including the high cost of production. The high quality of some tools, especially tools made of polyethylene, plays an important role in reducing costs by increasing the life of the product. On the other hand, by reducing costs, the possibility of increasing the yield of agricultural products will be much higher. The above points express the need to use quality materials in the manufacture of tools related to the agricultural industry and increase the efficiency of this industry.

Types of polyethylene products in the agricultural industry

Polyethylene pipes: Polyethylene pipes are produced in various sizes and dimensions depending on the type of use. Most applications of polyethylene pipes in the agricultural industry are used in the irrigation system of farms or gardens. Irrigation of plants is done in several ways, including drip irrigation, local irrigation, pressure irrigation, surface irrigation and sprinkler irrigation. Drip irrigation system is known as a relatively new and modern method in the agricultural industry.

Polyethylene pipes are used to save water consumption and thus reduce production costs. Single wall polyethylene pipes (Single Wall Pipe), Spiral pipe, Spiral pipe, Handhole, Manhole, Double-walled corrugated pipe, Drainage pipe, etc. Some types of pipes made of poly Ethylene is considered.

Irrigation fittings: Plastic pipe fittings as another polyethylene product used in agriculture are also capable of production with polymeric materials. Automatic valves, adjustable or self-adjusting drippers, etc. are just some of the fittings for polyethylene pipes used to irrigate agricultural products. In addition to irrigation, polyethylene pipes are also used to drain excess water into agricultural fields due to heavy irrigation or rainfall.

Plastic greenhouses: One of the common problems in the agricultural industry is seasonal changes and by its nature temperature fluctuations. With the advancement of technology, most farmers use modern methods to grow their crops. The idea of building plastic greenhouses was strengthened by changing temperature and making more profit for farmers. Greenhouses are an enclosed environment made of clear plastic with polyethylene skeleton. The growth and development of plants, flowers, fruits and other agricultural products is done in a greenhouse with very high quality.

Polyethylene water storage tanks: Polyethylene water storage tanks are also known as another type of polymer products widely used in the agricultural industry. Polyethylene water storage tanks are used to store water for irrigating orchards and farms as well as fish farming in the Aquaponic integrated system. The use of water storage tanks is more common in cities and regions that face the problem of water shortage. These tanks are produced using sanitary polyethylene and by rotational molding method.

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