What are the benefits of installing a polyethylene water storage tank on the roof?

Are you familiar with installing a polyethylene water tank on the roof of a building? There are various methods for installing polyethylene water tanks, one of which is installation on buildings, including residential, commercial, etc. The problem of pressure drop or water shortage in some cities of the country has led to a boom in the use of water storage tanks.

In the meantime, polyethylene tanks are more popular for various reasons such as reasonable price and easy supply. In this article, we examine the reasons, effective factors and essential points regarding the installation of polyethylene water storage tanks on the roofs of apartment complexes. Stay with us.

Reasons for installing polyethylene water storage tanks on the roof

Polyethylene water storage tanks are usually installed at two points on the roof and engine room of buildings. Parameters such as continuous water and electricity outages are effective factors in determining the installation location of polyethylene water storage tanks. There is a direct relationship between water and electricity outages in apartment units.

The water pressure decreases after the power outage of the apartment and the installation of a polyethylene water storage tank on the roof significantly reduces this problem. In fact, providing water pressure at the time of piped water cut is one of the advantages of installing polyethylene tanks on the roof of apartment complexes.

One of the requirements for installing a polyethylene water storage tank on the roof is to consider the strength of the building. Of course, buildings that do not meet the required safety standards will not have the necessary conditions to install a tank on the roof.

The absence of the above problems provides sufficient conditions for the installation of a water storage tank in the facility or the engine room of apartment complexes. In some cases, ethylene bridge water storage tanks are installed to store rainwater.

Essential tips in installing a polyethylene water storage tank on the roof

Checking water pressure during peak hours: The dewatering process is one of the most common problems associated with installing polyethylene water storage tanks on the roof. In buildings that face the problem of water pressure drop or drop, the process of dewatering the tank is much more difficult than other residential units. Naturally, increasing the water pressure promotes the storage and accumulation of water inside the tank chamber more rapidly.

Check the strength of the roof of the building: Usually, each building can withstand a certain weight of water storage tank. The need for a solid foundation for the location of the polyethylene water storage tank on the roof is very important.

According to the above points, it is necessary for customers to install their purchased polyethylene water storage tank on one of the pillars of the building. Note that it is better to use horizontal or vertical water storage tanks for installation on the roof of the apartment.

Transporting the tank to the top of the building: One of the important points when buying a polyethylene water storage tank for installation on the roof of residential, office, etc. apartments is to pay attention to the appropriateness of the location or installation and the dimensions and capacity of the tank. Please note that in many cases this problem makes it difficult to transport the tank to the upper floors of the apartment unit.

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