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Are polyethylene tanks repairable or weldable?

Polyethylene is one of the best petroleum derivatives for making all kinds of small or bulky plastic parts, of which polymer tanks are. Although products made of polyethylene by rotational molding are of excellent quality; But in some cases, negligence in the installation process of these tanks and similar factors can cause damage to buyers.
Now the question is, is there a low-cost and cost-effective way to repair polyethylene tanks, and to whom should one go? Follow us to the end of this article to get the answers to the above questions and to get more information on how to repair polyethylene water storage tanks.

Why do polyethylene water storage tanks break down?

Construction and supply of polymer water storage tanks with the highest possible quality is one of the essential priorities of reputable companies, especially the khazar manba bandar, the source of the port of Guilan province. Our experienced specialists in this complex, using the best raw materials, skilled labor and advanced industrial machinery, fulfill their mission to produce a quality final product in a good way.

Despite all efforts to provide a first-class product to customers, some damage, which usually occurs due to the buyer’s negligence in the process of installing the polyethylene water storage tank, is inevitable. You may be wondering how to prevent damage to the polyethylene water storage tank or such harmful damage in general?

Often, neglecting to install a polyethylene water storage tank on an uneven surface and full of harmful pebbles is the cause of damage, breakage and cracks in the tank. Failure to accurately calculate the density of fluid stored in the polyethylene tank and also neglecting the type of fluid are also causes of damage to this type of tank.

The repeated emphasis of the manufacturers to observe the points mentioned in the warranty is done precisely because of the above-mentioned damages to the polyethylene water storage tanks. Although Khazar Industrial Production Group is the source of sales of its polymer products with excellent quality and three-year warranty; But you, dear customers, must also pay full attention to the installation conditions.

It is worth mentioning that the process of replacing or replacing the polyethylene water storage tank of  khazar manba bandar Company, the source of the port, is done only if expert reviews are performed by our specialists and agencies and provided that the standard installation and commissioning conditions are fully guaranteed by customers. Obviously, it is not possible to replace the damaged tank without considering the standard installation conditions and the occurrence of irrational damage.

What is the process of repairing polyethylene water storage tanks?

The process of repairing polyethylene water storage tanks is completely different depending on the type and location of the fracture. Some ruptures that do not cause irreparable damage to the tank can be easily repaired; But in some cases, the severity of the rupture makes it impossible to repair polyethylene tanks. Deep and unusual deep tears and fractures usually occur due to buyers’ inattention to the standard installation and commissioning of the warranty label.

It is very important to have a permanent welding process (polyethylene welding) and repair of polyethylene tanks in order to repair the damage caused by experts and specialists in order to reduce the possibility of re-leakage from the rupture site to zero. Permanent welding is one of the old and experienced methods in repairing all kinds of polymer products. It goes without saying that the polyethylene welding method is used to repair large fractures in polymer water storage tanks.

Repair of polyethylene water storage tank with smaller damages is done by other common methods such as heating the leak, which not only does not last long, but there is a possibility of re-leakage of the rupture. Keep in mind that the repair of polyethylene tanks due to the impossibility of entering the chamber inside the tank by humans, is done only through the outer body.

The low cost of repairing polyethylene water storage tanks has made these products the buyers’ first choice for storing water and other fluids compared to other tanks.

Steps of repairing polyethylene water storage tank

Complete drainage of fluid stored in the tank
Thorough cleaning of the fracture site from dust
Sanding the body where the fracture is from the outside of the body
Perform welding and complete repair of the fracture site

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